We’ve been invaded by Extraterrestrial life and we like it!

We have Aliens bursting out all over Zagone Studios. Whether you call them vacationers, invaders or friends, we’ve got Aliens. Come by and meet our fraternity, flock, herd, posse of Aliens. Heck what do you call a group of Aliens? Then take home a replica Halloween Alien Costume or Halloween Alien Mask of your new favorite Martian. For all you scaredy-cats out there, please don’t worry. All of our Alien freinds are registered with the Federal and Local government, have working visas and are paying taxes. What are they doing at Zagone Studios, helping us make Alien Masks of course. They help us sculpt new Alien Mask creatures for future Halloween masks and Costumes! So please don’t go calling Homeland Security, our little green friends have green cards!

We invite you to come meet our Alien Designer's and make new friends with Lunar Lynx, Down to Earth and Grey Alien. We can tell you that they have been very well behaved, like all types of sports and are vegetarians. We know, as they’ve been working and living amongst us, right here at The Monster Factory, Zagone Studios. Now Communicating with them is not always easy and quite honestly, we don’t know exactly what they are, or where they came from, but here they are working away…Come for a visit and see for yourself, then take a replica Alien mask of these handsome creatures home as a keep sake of your new far out Extraterrestrial friends.  

Which Halloween Costumes and Masks did our Alien Friends create you ask? Well that’s easy to figure out, just take a look at the Funghoul Mask, The Trap Monster Mask and the Cuddles Mask. These Alien Mask ideas definitely originated outside of Earth!