What is the Zagone Studios Mist? Is it a magical creative cloud, an evil artistic spell, or the perpetual corn starch cloud that permeates our latex pouring and assembly rooms! The answer-Yes, Yes and yes!

Out of the Zagone mist and into the limelight! From these humble production facilities emerge a variety of meticulously sculpted primates. These Zagone Gorillas, Chimps and Primates are so brilliantly created that they are sought after by Actors, Social Media Influencers and costume designers of major studios all over the world.

Where can we find evidence of these magnificent creatures? You can find them on Television with the Gorilla Girls wearing our Two Bit Roar Gorilla Mask, you can find them on the faces of Ape Is Dapper wearing our Super Action Chimp Mask and Super Action Orangutan Mask, and you can find them on the Steven Colbert Show wearing Two Bit Roar Gorilla Mask and on and on. The best part of the Zagone mist is that the magic doesn’t stop with the primate mask it is also true of the complete Primate Costumes. Our customers not only wear the masks they wear the complete Gorilla, Chimp, Monkey or Baboon Costume. The Costumes are super lightweight allowing for wear all night comfort. The Zagone Studios Gorilla Costume comes with Gorilla Costume Shirt and Pants as well as Gorilla Costume Feet and Gorilla Costume Gloves. Complete Costumes can be assembled for all our ape mask and for the baboon Costume we have a great funny authentic surprise, the Baboon Costume Butt. Super funny and on point! So the next time you want to go ape do it in a Zagone Costume original!

Here are few more ideas for when you want to go ape, Deluxe Gorilla, Go-Rilla, Che Che Monkey, and Monkey Monkey all sculpted with a unique empathetic look!