A Great Halloween character is only a mask away! 

With nearly 1000 Halloween Masks in the Zagone Studios vault and 450 in our online collection, from Super Soft moving mouth Latex Halloween Masks, to head sock models that keep your skin away from the latex, to full over the head harness Halloween Masks with moving mouths, to hand-painted Collector's Edition Monster Halloween Masks with custom hoods and one of a kind wigs, a complete transformation is as easy as a change of face. No matter the character a Zagone Mask has you covered in form and function with comfort and safety to match. One of our most beloved Character Masks is Stan the Man, a friendly cute little Half Halloween Mask that has been transforming actors for decades. Slip him on and in seconds turn into your favorite uncle while keeping free to eat and drink comfortably while staying in character. 

We offer a variety of styles and materials all meant to keep the act on point and your audience mesmerized in laughter or fear! If you're new to the world of masks you have come to the right place. With over 45 years of experience and innovations we will definitely have the right Halloween Mask for your act, no matter if it’s for a high profile actor, Haunted House troupe of actors, Trick or Treaters or just friends pulling a prank, Zagone Studios has you covered.

Today we will focus on Characters and turning you into an actor with our line of funny not scary Halloween Masks, please give Stan The Man, Uncle Bobby, Johnny, Robert No Dinero, Grand Pappy, Bad Geezer and Papa a look!