Yes, it is possible to be in a Halloween Mask and be comfortable! A straight over the head mask is a lot of weight, has poor movement and is a complete Latex covering of your head. While the artistic look can be very striking, an over the head mask is not very comfortable. Most artisan sculptors these days create straight over the head design for Mask Collectors that actually don't wear the masks, they display them as Horror Art. While we have many straight over the full head masks for our favorite Horror Art collecting fans who want scary halloween masks, the Zagone Halloween Mask stands for much, much more. The Zagone Mask is a complete Halloween Costume

The Zagone Halloween Mask emits a character expression and is expertly sculpted to fit the human head and is engineered so that you and the mask are one. The Zagone Halloween Mask was a natural innovative development from the typical straight over the head latex Halloween mask, first introduced by the Zagone family under the name Be Something Studios in the late 1970’s. The Zagone Halloween Mask allows for greater comfort, less weight and better overall fit for the actor. The Zagone Mask is a full or half Halloween mask made of two specific halves; the first half is the painted latex face and the back half is a comfortable adornment of Faux Fur, Decorative Hood or Custom Wig. 

The Zagone Mask has evolved over time with the addition of new systems of delivering a bigger acting impact and more comfort. The first of these innovations was the introduction of a comfortable head sock to carry the latex sculpt with the head sock creating a barrier between the actors face and the artistic sculpt. The snug stretch fit created by the sock allows for the actor to have great site lines and mouth movement which is perfect for stage, Haunted Houses and trick or treating safely. It allows many an actor to bring comic book charactrs to life. The Zagone Mask Starts with Characters and Creatures expertly designed to fit on a human head sock allowing each wearer to be in character without skin touching the latex. The design and engineering allows the wearer to have facial movement with great comfort and visibility. This design also accommodates a variety of head sizes and shapes. Some of our great head sock Halloween Masks start with a very emphatic look such as Super Action Chimp and Lone Wolf

The third innovation comes from our Haunted House and Theater customer requests for a larger more dynamic presence. The Zagone design team created the Moving Mouth Harness Halloween Mask which allows for a larger beast or creature to be worn by a human head, these include Draco the Dragon, Kick Ass Wolf, Kick Ass BeastOver Lord and Toy Cowboy . The harness straps allow the user to deliver great action through techniques that align the mask to the user’s chin giving them complete open mouth capability for speaking, singing, growling or eating. Each Zagone Mask consists of multiple pieces glued and sewn together bringing great action and delivering a great theater quality experience. These are a favorite in the Haunt Industry because they last through multiple seasons and are a great high quality Horror Mask. No matter if a haunt is looking for a monster mask, a clown mask, zombie mask, or a horror mask we have them covered.

Striving for ever more flexibility and comfort the Zagone Design Team created the Super Soft Latex Moving face Halloween Mask. Each Mask is an expertly sculpted realistic character and engineered to move with the actors face.  The Zagone Mask reaches a new level of quality delivering a pure show each time the actor slips one on. The Super Soft Latex acts as a Second-skin and can barely be felt giving the actor the ultimate in comfort. The Super Soft Latex is made of natural rubber latex, so very soft to the touch yet extremely durable and resilient. Our unique character sculpts often used in feature films, short TV Shows and all manner of individual videos. One of our most famous Super Soft Halloween Masks is Soft and Sexy used on NCIS and by the rock band, Band of Nothing.

They each have the look and action of a professional silicon mask but amazingly light weight, comfortable and priced for consumers. No matter the look or purpose, The Zagone Mask Standard delivers the perfect experience and has the right character and mask type for you!