Feeling Mischievous, Devious, Devilish… Muhahahaha, Zagone Studios is always a little horny… with Diabolical Demons, Forked Tongued Devils and Wicked Horned Beasts just waiting to get you ready for a little Halloween Worship.

 After all no one is as evil as Lucifer the Prince of Darkness! Beelzebub has many names – and Zagone Studios has just as many Halloween masks to match. 

Descend into the Lost Souls Crypt of Darkness wearing your UV Reactive Devil Halloween mask, then light up the underworld while you devour sweet sinners.

Zagone Masks offer a wide range of demoniacal faces molded in high quality Super Soft latex. With our Moving Mouth demon Halloween masks, you can transform into the Dark Lord from Hell: horned, diabolical, a menacing creature waiting to light your fire!!

Have a hell of a Halloween this year with Elegant Devil, Devil May Care or the Wicked One. These high quality masks offer three distinct types of Masks the first which includes his red face friend Diablo is a high quality Latex mask painted in brilliant colors and so detailed he seems wet, the second is our moving mouth head sock mask Devil May Care and the third is an innovation only our demons would create the dual latex Wicked one with rigged Horns and Super Soft Latex Face.