The Satan Mask by Be Something Studios collectors limited edition sculpted by Artie Clafford and hand crafted by Anthony Zagone.


An exquisite exclusive Satan Mask from 1977 that was never produced until now.


Legend has it-The artist sculptor Artie Clafford was working on the clay sculpt of the Satan Bust late one night and moved the mask on an angle to better work on the sculpture. When he was done he left the sculpture as is and did not lay it back. Later that evening a mold maker that was slightly inebriated came into the art room to rest and as he sat down the sculpture tumbled from the sculpting table flipped completely around and landed face up unharmed with Satan's face staring directly at mold maker. The mold maker flipped ran out of the shop and hence forth refused to make the that mold. He swore the sculpt was haunted and he would never make it into a mold or mask. We have resurrected the master created by the artist and now have a SATAN Mask circa 1977!